Voiceover Guy Michaels

British Voice Actor

25 years as a British voice actor and professional recording engineer

Since 1999, pro voice over Guy Michaels has provided voice over services for clients worldwide. From commercials to narration, educational, elearning and video games, he has produced thousands of projects in his state-of-the-art recording studio.

Captivating     Resonant     Professional

3 reasons to book Guy Michaels as your male British Voice Actor

Unrivalled experience. Guy is in his third decade as a professional voiceover artist, working for clients worldwide on projects ranging from explainer videos, commercials, narration projects, video games and much more.

Studio Engineer. In addition to being in the top-tier of voiceover artists, Guy is also a highly qualified recording studio engineer. All voiceover recordings for your projects benefit from not only his expert ear and expertise, but they are all recorded in his cutting edge and dedicated voiceover studio.

A Team Player. In working with him, you will feel that Guy is a part of your production team. A great communicator and committed to delivering the best in every voiceover session and collaboration; rest assured that you will elevate your project with his exceptional voiceover services every time.

Voiceover Services Clients & Customer Reviews

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Shane Donnellan
Shane Donnellan
Guy lent his voice to an animation I developed for a client. He was really flexible, professional and just easy to work with. Would definitely recommend him!
Lauren Hodge
Lauren Hodge
I have nothing but good things to say about Guy and his work – the phrase “he’s a pleasure to work with” is an overused one, however it’s beyond true in this case. Looking forward to more projects!
Guy is an absolute pro. I’ve been coming back to him for VO work for a few years now. He is always fast, always accommodating and always nails what I’m looking for. If I could give him 6/5 stars I would.
Phil González
Phil González
Guy is effective, professional and quick. We handed him a complex project (videogame), but he understood all of our instructions and applied everything perfectly on the first go. Very few emails, and very little back-and-forth-ing needed. We are also very happy with the results. He has a great voice and can work with many different vocal registers, adapting it well to tricky characters and situations.
Invicta History
Invicta History
My documentary company Invicta has been working with Guy for over a year to produce more than a two dozen narrations equivalent to hours of content. In all cases he delivers timely and well produced services with excellent responsiveness. Would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for such a professional and reasonably priced narrator!
David Joseph Falossi II
David Joseph Falossi II
Guy Michaels has been a fantastic voice actor for me for several years – always delivering premium quality work, quickly, and smoothly. Highly recommend.
Jane Mason
Jane Mason
Guy is an accommodating, flexible and ultimately effective voice actor. Our voiceover was approved after the first draft, apart from some content changes made after the first script, which Guy very kindly did very quickly to keep to our schedule. I highly recommend him and we will certainly hope to work with him again.

Voiceover Industry Blog

As a veteran British voice talent in the voiceover industry I regularly write articles on subjects ranging from voiceover production and voiceover skills through to specific pieces on the various genres or types of voiceover work.  A good starting place would be my Step by Step Guide to Working with a Voice Actor.

Looking for something other than British Voice Actor?

I have a British accent and deliver only British English voice overs in a male voice. I could be your voice over guy but as a producer and audio engineer, I work with many professional voiceovers of other languages and accents, so drop me a line if you are looking for something specific. If I can help, I will.

I’m an English voice over (generally referred to as a British Voiceover Artist) recording in English British only. If you are searching for something other than a British Male Voice Over, I have worked with professional voice actors in many languages so can help to source for your voice narration project.

British accent voices?

British voiceover artists can also sometimes record in other languages and British accents. I speak only English and with a natural RP or South-East England accent. Heightened RP (received pronunciation) is sometimes known as the Queen’s English.

I’m happy to discuss assisting with casting for your project, even if you require something other than British English voice overs. Although not acting in any manner as a voiceover agent, I can assist in casting for most voiceover projects.

What is voice over?

Just in case you’ve stumbled onto this site and are confused about what we do as ‘voiceovers’ , here’s a definition that may help.

Firstly (and yes this is confusing) there are many terms used to describe the art of voiceover. Sometimes you see it written as voice acting or the person doing it described as a voice over artist. Sometimes there’s no space so it becomes ‘voiceover’ instead of ‘voice over’. In the U.S. you’ll see voice talent or voiceover talent.

Voice over is a recording of a voice that has a particular purpose and is designed to be heard by a particular audience. The recorded voice often accompanies visuals in the form of video and is often mixed with music or a sound-bed to assist in creating an atmosphere relevant to the product or service.

Guy Michaels – British Voice Actor

One of the most well established male British voice actors with a full audio production studio facilities in London and Cambridge UK. Since 1999.


Please use the form, and I’ll get back to you asap.  I am based in the United Kingdom but connect with clients all over the world.

We can connect via Source Connect, Cleanfeed, ipDTL, SessionLinkPRO, Facetime, Zoom, or even on the telephone!

Guy Michaels in a voiceover booth - British Male Voice Over Artist - Guy Michaels

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Thank you.