Guy Michaels is one of the most established British Voice Over Artists and Producers with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Guy has worked on projects for Vodafone, IBM, Microsoft, Nintendo, Unicef, NatGeo, Wizarding World, Warhammer, Hitachi, Pirelli and many more.  Operating worldwide, he provides full-service broadcast ready production in British English for television commercials, documentaries, corporate presentations and narration projects.



Featured Audio

Plimsoll Productions

"The dubbing mixer was very complimentary - not only on the voice but on all the technical aspects. ”

Engaged as documentary narrator.

Red Cross International

"thank you for working to our tight deadlines!  Our editor said the recording quality was top-notch”

One of hundreds of recordings for third-sector organisations through the years.

Bodega Trivento

"Thank you so much.  The EPIC voice we needed!”

Commercial voiceover for wine brand

In the last 20 years, Guy has partnered with clients across a variety of projects from startups to global brands.  As one of the most established British Voice Over Artists, you can rest assured that the service quality, attention to detail and flawless recordings will enhance your brand and engage your clients.  Guy's experience as an audio engineer means that all delivered audio is 'ready to go' at the highest quality.

Additional Examples

Classic Rock Radio



Car dealership

Audio can be delivered in your desired format/specification

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