Voice Over Actors

What is it with voice over actors?

Hiding away on their own all day long, talking to themselves?

Even after all of these years ( I started in 1999), I still love the everyday life as a voice actor.  As with many of my voice over actor colleagues, I spend way too much time on my own, firstly talking to myself and then listening to myself in the edit, but I would have it any other way!

Here are some things you might not know about voice over actors:

Secret Pyjama Warriors: Voice actors often rock their finest pyjamas, comfy slippers, and messy hair in their home studios. After all, no one will know!

I actually never have worn pyjamas in the studio as It’s a drive away from home but as long as I don’t have any meetings, I’m certainly very casual….and I have slippers at work!

The Vocal Olympics: Warm-up routines are serious business. You might find tongue twisters, lip trills, ridiculous siren sounds, and full-on gibberish sessions before a recording.

voice over actors 1 - British Male Voice Over Artist - Guy Michaels

Masters of Many Voices: They can morph into a wise old grandma, a hyperactive child, or a sarcastic alien with remarkable ease. Sometimes, they even have entire conversations with themselves in different voices.

voice over actors 2 - British Male Voice Over Artist - Guy Michaels

Closet Thespians: That epic battle scene or heartfelt monologue meant for a video game? It’ll likely be acted out with full commitment and dramatic flair, even if no one is watching.

Closet’ because, believe it or not, some voice actors actually work in their closets!

Superhuman Breath Control: They can hold their breath for ridiculously long periods, recite tongue twisters at lightning speed, and deliver long, passionate speeches on a single exhale.

Linguistic Chameleons: Accents are their jam. They can bounce between a posh British accent, a Southern drawl, and a convincing pirate “Arrr” often within the same project.

voice over actors 3 - British Male Voice Over Artist - Guy Michaels

The Many Voices of Voiceover Artists: Beyond the Quirks

We all know those voices – the reassuring one in the car commercial, the playful character in your favourite video game, or the soothing documentary narrator guiding you through a story. But what do voiceover artists really do? Let’s dive in!

While they may be secret pyjama champions with a penchant for bizarre warmups, voice over actors are masters of the spoken word. Think of them as vocal chameleons; they lend their voices to a vast array of projects. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Commercials: They’re the voice actors behind every persuasive pitch, whether it’s introducing the latest must-have gadget or the cheesiest pizza deal.
  • Video Games: They breathe life into digital heroes, villains, and quirky side characters, transforming gaming experiences.
  • Documentaries: Their narration guides viewers through history, science, and real-life stories with informative and engaging tones.
  • Animation: From cartoons to anime, voice over actors make our favourite animated characters come alive with emotion, humour, and personality.
  • Audiobooks: They’re expert storytellers, immersing listeners in different worlds through their voice acting.
  • Radio Dramas: Voice actors create entire audio landscapes, playing numerous roles and adding sound effects for a captivating theatrical experience.

The Art of Voiceover

A voiceover artist’s work goes beyond simply reading a script. They must understand the type of voice a project needs – serious, playful, friendly, authoritative – and deliver a performance that matches. This demands versatility, impeccable diction, breath control, and the ability to master accents.

The journey often starts with auditions, where voice talent record demos to showcase their range. If they land the role, they’ll work with directors to perfect the narration, dub over films or animation, or record characters for video games.

I offer a handful of voiceover coaching sessions each week. Book your if you want to improve your voiceover skills or fine tune your recording studio.

The Medium Matters

Voiceovers (or VO as it’s sometimes called) exist across countless mediums: television, radio, the internet, you name it! This means a voiceover artist has to adapt their approach for every project, ensuring their voice fits perfectly.

Quirks and All

So, yes, there are the closet thespians and bizarre pre-recording rituals. But behind the quirkiness lies a dedicated craft. Voice over actors bring stories, products, and characters to life with the power of their voices. They are the unseen narrators shaping our experiences, and that’s definitely something worth celebrating!

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