Voiceover Coaching

If I’m apparently so successful and busy as a voiceover artist, audio engineer and producer then why do I offer voiceover coaching?

I started teaching way before I was a voiceover artist.  It was a very early passion and affinity.  At school in the 6th form I ran after-school drama clubs for the younger kids.  Not for money obviously, but because it was fun and a subject I was interested in at the time.

voiceover coaching with Guy Michaels

Then 5 or 6 years later at drama school in London I was offered the chance to teach on the young persons’ programmes at weekends.  I jumped at the chance. Firstly, as a typical impoverished drama student living in one of the most expensive cities in the world, this paid 4 times the rate of working in a supermarket!  So, not only could I earn enough money to pay for rent and food in a shorter period of time, I realised very quickly that teaching acting skills enhanced my own understanding and application of the skills ten-fold.  

Developing the craft of acting

I was being paid to develop my craft and having fun on a Saturday with kids who wanted to act.  These kids improved their confidence and communication skills without really knowing it and made friends for life.

Leaving drama school, I needed, as most actors do, to supplement my income.  With a few years of teaching experience and with 2 LAMDA qualifications under my belt (ALAM, LLAM) I then offered services on audition coaching and helped loads of young actors to get into their chosen drama school.  Great satisfaction coupled with much needed income.  Nice!

At times I felt like an imposter or charlatan; something many people in the creative industry suffer from in the early days but I had to remind myself that I was always being asked back to teach or coach…so I must have been doing something right.

Now that was around 25 years ago, but even when I started to work as an actor in theatre and carve a voiceover career, I continued teaching as and when.  I ran sessions in drama schools on improvisation and script approach, on voice and of course voiceover once I had started to gain enough personal experience.  This led to work at GSA, Mountview, RADA, Spotlight, The Actors’ Centre and many other establishments in and around London.

My voiceover coaching today

These days I coach 2 or 3 voiceover artists a week.  I LOVE to be a part of their development of skills and careers and help to guide in choices that positively impact their lives.  It is a joy and as I write this, 34 years after first dabbling with teaching I still get a buzz from it!

So, does that answer why, as a busy and successful voiceover artist, that I offer voiceover coaching?  I hope so.

My 121 voiceover coaching sessions can be booked here

Get in the client’s shoes

I often say to my voiceover coaching students that it’s important to approach the business of voiceover in the client’s shoes. If you are a voice actor, how often do you really do that? What can truly elevate your voiceover career and ensure that you come across as a professional at all times?

I created a guide aimed at media professionals booking voiceover, but I feel it is equally useful for voice actors wanting to improve their understanding of each step of the process.

It covers 5 phases:

  • Sourcing a Voiceover Artist
  • Negotiating
  • Preparing
  • Recording
  • Sign-off

It’s just 5 short videos with some useful notes and advice. So do check out VOICEOVER EXPERT: The Step by Step Guide to Working with a Voiceover Artist

Here’s some more waffle on voiceover coaching and training!

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