British Male Voiceover

British Male Voiceover

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Guy Michaels has worked in the voiceover industry since 1999. As a British male voiceover his clients include Vodafone, Nintendo, NatGeo, IBM, Microsoft, Unicef and many more. LISTEN to the examples below and WATCH the short compilation video.

  • Consult on your project needs and get a custom recording example of your own script
  • Connect remotely to his industry-leading studio
  • Enhance your project with flawless audio
  1. Commercial Demo 2021 1:35
  2. Narration Demo 2021 1:20

WATCH some examples of how my voice has been used on video in commercials, documentaries and explainers

"Crushed it, and you keep crushing it. Beautiful work."

Nintendo 2020Nintendo 2020

"Wonderful job all around!!"

"Everything was perfect, thank you."

Why work with me?


  • Trusted by brands large and small, from high-street names through to startups wanting the best voiceover to represent them


I've produced thousands of hours of professional audio including broadcast documentary, in-game and international advertising campaigns

Studio included

A pro studio not a 'home-studio'.  There's a difference and you'll be able to hear it.

Quick turnaround

Able to work to your timescales and most smaller projects are complete in 24hrs

Remote connection and direction

If you want to listen-in or direct we can connect in any nuimber of ways including Zoom audio, by phone or using Source Connect.


I've just finished sync to picture for a Discovery documentary so if you need this for your explainer problem!

A True British Voiceover Artist

I'm a true British Voice Over. I'm based in the United Kingdom and deliver the highest possible quality from my professional-grade custom-built studio in North London. As a pro voice actor with a wealth of experience over two decades, I'll help you to take your project to the next level with high-fidelity audio every time...

I’ve produced and assisted on thousands of projects and continue to do so. In over 20 years I have recorded and produced projects for clients of all sizes across markets and in multiple genres including:

  • Explainer videos
  • eLearning
  • Commercial (Radio, TV and of course, Internet)
  • Games and Game Trailers
  • Documentary
  • Corporate narration
  • and more

Two decades of experience for you

In over 20 years on both sides of the microphone as producer and recording voiceovers, I have gained an almost immeasurable amount of experience in the voiceover industry that informs my every move. Having trained as an actor at drama school in the mid-nineties I was always interested in recorded spoken word and in the technical side of recording.   I’ve produced and assisted on all kinds of voiceovers and continue to do so. I have recorded and produced projects for clients including Nintendo, International Red Cross, Unicef, Wizarding World (Harry Potter), Pirelli, NatGeo, Warhammer, Hitachi, Vodafone, Microsoft, IBM Watson and more.

What kind of British Male Voiceover?

London, but not entirely

I'm originally from the south coast. Professional actor training and immersive voice work gave me the ability to refine and perfect RP when needed. Four years of vocal training plus thousands of hours of work as a pro voice actor means I have the vocal strength and stamina for each and every voiceover project. Although I am London-based, I work with clients all over the world thanks to technology these days. I'm not a voiceover who can do many different accents but instead focus on a range of 'rough, gravelly, deep' through to 'classy educated finesse' and whatever lies in-between. It's just gone that way. Those are the voices I get booked for as a British Voice Over whether voicing an explainer video, game trailer or an educational project.

My work as a Corporate Voiceover Artist

Thousands of British Voice Over projects and counting...

Over half of my work has been some form of business narration. Over the years, I have been regularly voicing IVR/Telephony, Explainer Video, Training, e-learning and technical programmes. I have voiced everything from 'double-glazing installation' tutorials through to character voices for educational projects. If your project needs a true British Voice Over then get in touch today.


The right Guy for the job

It's really important that we are a fit for your project whether that's a narration or a series of commercials. So, ideally let's schedule a call so that I can understand your aims, the tone and pace of the recording and the style you are wanting to achieve to fit your brand, product or service. I can record a short piece of your script too at no charge just to check if we are on the same page. Then you can decide if I am the right voice to hire. Do check out my demos above for an idea on the types of delivery and style I can provide.


Keeping the costs down

Book direct - no agency fees!

We work 'direct' which means no agency fess and no extra studio fees. The final product at pristine quality achieved in my studio is included in every job no matter the size of job or budget. I'm happy to talk 'money' and will do my best to work within your budget.


True British Voice Over Artist with full-service production facility 

I can advise on and deliver expert voiceover production. If you have additional production needs such as mixing, adding music, specific editing, proofing or even scriptwriting then I can help with all of those too. As one of the most experienced British Voiceover Artists, you can rest assured that you are in good hands from start to finish on every project.

Ready to record? Contact today using the form above with as much detail as possible. Then we can get started!