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"Got a script ready?  I can usually record a short example read for you pretty swiftly.  If you'd like to discuss the project in detail or if you are new to working with voiceover artists, then I can guide you through the entire process.  Thank you in advance."

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UK voiceover artist

One of the UK's most booked voice over artists in a 25 year career

Guy Michaels is an experienced voiceover artist based in the United Kingdom. He has a professional and captivating voice that allows him to produce audio for a wide range of projects. As one of the industry's leading voice artists since 1999, Guy specializes in providing voiceovers and can adapt his voice to suit various styles and brand voices.


A background in classical theatre

His background in theatre plus professional voice and acting training at Mountview (a leading London drama school) enables him to deliver engaging and immersive performances for video narrations, corporate scripts, audiobooks, TV commercials, documentary narrations, and corporate videos.


True broadcast quality studio and production facilities

What truly sets Guy apart as a voice artist, is that he operates from his state-of-the-art recording studio delivering the highest quality audio. This ensures that he maintains top-notch recording quality and professionalism for all his clients. Guy is equally experienced as an audio engineer and producer, having worked on thousands of projects.


Real British voiceover with a neutral accent

A UK native, Guy's command of British English means his voiceovers are flawless and genuine. His versatility as a voice talent enables him to adapt his delivery style according to the requirements of projects and target audiences.

If you are looking for the perfect voice that resonates with your target audience, Guy's expertise and experience make him the ideal choice.

An industry leader

Guy Michaels is very well established as an industry leader in the UK voiceover community.  In addition to his 5-star rated podcast The Recorded Voice Guy runs his renowned platform Voiceover Kickstart - a community for voiceover artists around the world.