British Male Voiceover VIDEOS

Examples on video from game trailers to commercial and explainers

British Male Voiceover - Guy Michaels

Audio and video coming together for clients ranging from Vodafone & Nintendo through to far smaller companies engaging my services as a highly-experienced voiceover artist.

British Male Voiceover - Guy Michaels



Global communications brand engaged my services as a professional British Male Voice for their campaign in Qatar


They wanted a it a bit deep and gravelly.....a deep and gravelly male voice!

Microsoft Dynamics 365

I've recorded for many Microsoft products over the years.  Booked again as the British Male Voice for this explainer video.


An opportunity to work with Carbon Studio on the latest VR Warhammer game in which I played numerous characters including Celestant Prime as featured in this trailer (heavily modulated!)

Travel Health

Thanks to the guys at Turbine Creative for getting me on board for a series of videos for athletes travelling internationally during the pandemic. The day in the life of voice over artist is always pretty varied!

Trivento Wine

They were looking for the classic sound of a professional male voiceover artist for this wine commercial


Engaged as the male voice over artist for multiple videos in this educational series for Uber drivers.  


As a professional British RP voice with quick turnaround I get booked for loads of this type of voice over work

Game Trailer

One of the many game trailers I've had the pleasure of narrating


These were fun gigs for Nintendo.  They wanted a male voiceover artist with acting experience. 


As a professional British Voiceover I get booked for loads of these kind of explainer videos


As a professional British Male Voiceover I get booked for loads of these kind of explainer videos


As a leading British male voice, I've narrated for many international charity organisations over the past 20 years


Impressive graphics here from Blaze

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Guy Michaels - Professional British Male Voiceover

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Booking voice actors

I might not be the right voice actor for you.

Yes I said that.  Booking your voiceover artist can be a risky business! You want to find the perfect voice.

I will happily record an example of your script to make sure we are on the same page in terms of style/tone/pace etc.  Get in touch and then you and your team (or client) can hear me recording your words. 

Although, you can see and hear many demos scattered throughout my site, there's no substitute for getting a custom demo.  If am the right voice actor for your project then that's great! 

But if not, then I can also help to find an alternative to received pronunciation from a British male voiceover artist.  American?  French? Spanish?  Or maybe you are looking for an audiobook narrator?

Professional broadcast quality guaranteed

Whilst of course there are many voiceover artists who have their own professional home studio, I run a class-leading real studio delivering end-product broadcast quality worldwide on a daily basis.  I've engineered thousands of recordings of both my own voice and in productions featuring other voices.  The custom demo will show you exactly what quality you will get.  Guaranteed!

Directed session?

Sure, that's easy.  Whether you want to use Source Connect or simply set up a Zoom call to listen in and give live feedback, the choice is yours.  Just let me know!

Voice over can get pretty technical and if you are new to booking VO, then do check our my voiceover expert guide: The Step by Step Guide to Working with a Voiceover Artist

It covers the entire process from Sourcing a truly professional voice whether it's for you e learning project or video games, through the negotiation and booking stage,  scripts and the recording.  

If you or someone in your team want to improve the experience of working with voice talent, then do check out the series of videos.  I also wrote a piece on WRITING USEFUL SCRIPTS FOR VOICEOVER ARTISTS