How do I find a voice actor?

How do I find a voice actor?


Have you ever heard of ‘The Curse of Knowledge’ or ‘The Expert’s Curse’?

The reason I ask is that I just can’t imagine not knowing where to look for professional voice actors. I’ve been in this business for so long now that in addition to working with some of the best voice actors on both sides of the Atlantic, I also know where to find the ‘perfect voice’ for clients in pretty much any voiceover genre.

I might not be the right voice actor for you

I get it, I’m definitely not the best voice actor for a whole range of projects and audiences. If I’m not the right fit for you then I am more than happy to point you in the direction of another voice actor who might be a better fit.

I wrote a piece on Voiceover Profiles ‘Where can I find Voice Actors‘ that addresses this. Voiceover Profiles is a passion project of mine. I created it with my long-time designer and developer Jason Kahl as a way for clients to find voice actors who were experienced and qualified. Each of the voices on there have to go through a very rigorous process, proving their voiceover talent, understanding of professional audio and meticulous attention to detail.

So Voiceover Profiles is a good place to start if you are looking for a professional voice actor that isn’t me!

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Voice actor for hire

If you search voice actors on Google you’ll get a mix of voiceover agencies, recording studios, directories, voiceover artists’ personal websites (like this one) and loads of other not so relevant results.

There is no singular route to finding a professional voice actor. You may have your preferences or your company might have a special relationship with a particular agent or prefer to book just through a specific voiceover directory (for ease in terms of accounting etc). However as there is no worldwide directory listing every single voice artist or voice over service in the world…it’s worth casting your net a little further to find the perfect voice for your project.

Try these terms in your preferred search engine to bring up a seemingly endless supply of voices:

voice actors          voice narrator          voice artists          voiceover artists

or try to narrow it by being country (and/or gender) specific:

british male voiceover          US female voiceover artist for animation

Professional voice actors lurk in a multitude of places scattered around the internet. Personally I love working with voices who have their own website and a track record with testimonials proving their skills as a voice talent whom I can trust. Other clients like to search through directories of thousands of voices and then post an audition script.

voiceover artist custom audition

Get a free sample recording of your script

If you are working with a voice actor for the first time, it’s always worth asking for a custom audition to make sure the voice is suited to your project.

I always offer to give a free no obligation sample reading of your script. If you like what you hear on my demos then do get in touch for a sample recording of your script so you can hear what your words will sound like with my voice, interpretation and professional recording studio.

Are you here because you specifically need UK voices?

Check out my piece on Hiring a British Voice Over. This is especially useful if you are not British and need a little guidance on the different types of British or English accents.

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Are you ready to book voice talent?

I go into the ways to source a voice actor in my Step by Step Guide to Working with a Voiceover Artist.

Is your script ready for the recording session with the voice actor? Check out my tips on Writing useful scripts for voiceover artists.

What type of voice and what kind of voice talent do you need?

The step of searching for a voice actor should come after you have decided WHY you need one. What is the right voice style for your needs? For your audiences’ needs?

Are you looking for a movie trailer style voice?

Perhaps you want a fun and vibrant voice for your explainer video?

Or maybe something straight a business-like voiceover for corporate video?

searching for voice actors


Find the perfect voice actor that suits your needs 100%

Write down the characteristics of the perfect voice for your project and if you are posting an audition on a voiceover casting platform, use these characteristics to describe the type of voice and performance you want.

If you are new to using voice actors in your projects, then again do check out the full guide as mentioned above. This will make the whole process of booking a voiceover much easier for all parties.

Remote voiceover recording

Although it’s likely that your voiceover will be recorded remotely (whether or not you need a directed session in which you guide the voice actor), in my opinion it’s important to speak with the voice actor prior to booking them. This helps to avoid problems which may occur down the line.

I run a professional voiceover studio so you can rest assured you’ll get top-drawer audio each and every time we work together.

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