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Guy Michaels (PGCE ALAM Hons) is one of the most experienced British specialists in educational and elearning voice over. As a qualified teacher, coach, workshop leader and expert on influencing and presentations you’re in good hands for your next elearning voice over needs!

Are you searching for the right voice to elevate your e-learning projects? Look no further! As a British voice actor with a focus on e-learning, I’m dedicated to bringing your educational content to life. Whether you’re developing corporate training modules, explainer videos, or in-depth e-courses, I have the versatility and experience to deliver exceptional e-learning voice overs.

My Approach

I understand that effective e-learning narration requires more than just a clear voice. I work with you to find the perfect tone for your project. Need a conversational style to engage the learner? A warm, friendly delivery? Or perhaps you require an authoritative and confident voice for complex subjects? I adapt my voiceover style to perfectly match your content and target audience.

Let my voice be the guide for your learners

With my elearning voice over services, you can be confident that your educational content will be truly memorable. Contact me today to discuss your project!

Get a free test read

Whilst it’s useful to listen to the voice over demos throughout this site or watching the many videos showing my voice in context, nothing beats a custom audition or test read.

Drop me a line and an extract from your script if you have it at this stage.  Provide a little direction or reference an existing demo you’ve found here and then I’ll record a short custom audition read.

The right voice for your project.

You’ll be able to hear my voice performing your copy.  Then it will be easy to make a decision on whether or not I am the right voice for your project.  This is, of course, useful if you need sign-off from a client you are producing for.  Present my voice in your shortlist of British voiceovers today!


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We can connect via Source Connect, Cleanfeed, ipDTL, SessionLinkPRO, Facetime, Zoom, or even on the telephone!

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