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Guy Michaels is a true British Voice Over.  Based in the United Kingdom and delivering the highest quality audio from his professional-grade voiceover studio in North London.

I've worked as a pro voice actor since 1999.  In over 20 years on both sides of the microphone as producer and VO, I have gained an almost immeasurable amount of experience in the voiceover industry that informs my every move. 

Having trained as an actor at drama school in the mid-nineties I was always interested in recorded spoken word and in the technical side of recording.   

I’ve produced and assisted on thousands of projects and continue to do so. In over 20 years I have recorded and produced projects for clients including Nintendo, International Red Cross, Unicef, Wizarding World (Harry Potter), Pirelli, NatGeo, Warhammer, Hitachi, Vodafone, Microsoft, IBM Watson and more.

You might think that after all these years shut away in a voiceover recording booth, I'd be bored or jaded...quite the opposite!  I love my work.

London, but not entirely

What kind of British Voice Over?

English British!  I'm originally from the south coast.  Professional actor training and immersive voice work gave me the ability to refine and perfect RP when needed.  Four years of vocal training plus thousands of hours of work as a pro voice actor means I have the vocal strength and stamina for each and every voiceover project. 

Although I am London-based,  I work with clients all over the world thanks to technology these days.  I'm not a voiceover who can do many different regional accents but instead focus on a range of 'rough, gravelly, deep' through to 'classy educated finesse' and whatever lies in-between.  It's just gone that way.  This means that I can easily record in Received Pronunciation (RP) and am fully in control of the 'poshness dial'. 

Those are the voices I get booked for as a British Voice Over whether voicing an explainer video, game trailer or an educational project.  If you think I fit the brief and would like to discuss my services as a professional voice actor then do get in touch today!

British Corporate Voiceover Artist

Thousands of British Voice Over projects and counting...

In case there was any doubt, I'm an English British voice talent and I've voiced hundreds of explainer videos.  You can find some examples here.

Over half of my work has been some form of business narration.  For over twenty years, I have been regularly voicing IVR/Telephony, Explainer Video, Training, e-learning and technical programmes.

Clients include: Nintendo - International Red Cross - British Telecom - BBC - Firestone - London Assembly - Shell - Bitcoin - Barclays Wealth - Ernst & Young - Accenture - Honda - Hitachi Rail - Legal & General - Unicef - United Nations - Siemens - TREC GB - Novartis - Thomas Cook - Vodafone - Deloitte - Purina - Guardian Media Group - LucidChart - Warhammer and hundreds more voice overs recorded since 1999.....

If your project needs a true British Voice Over then get in touch today.  I could just be the perfect voice for you!

Audio Examples

Here are some audio examples of my work as a British Voice Over.  I'm always happy to record a short test for your project so we can be sure we are on the same page.  

Commercial Voicereel 2021

Various Narration

Everyman example

Finance example

True British Voice Over Artist with full-service production facility 

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Perhaps it's not an English Voice you are looking for today?  Do you need other types of voice actors?  I might also be able to help with the casting side.  I have cast and produced many projects and am connected to many voice talent from around the globe.  Drop me a line if you need help finding experienced voice actors for your project.