The Power of Corporate Voiceover


Introduction to the Power of Corporate Voice Overs

Voiceover is a truly powerful tool to assist in telling your company’s story, engaging your audience and influencing them to take action. Whether it’s an explainer video, eLearning, a voiceover to accompany a video at your exhibition stand, brand-boosting IVR phone messaging or internal corporate voiceover, there’s no denying that voice is an integral part of these types of communication.

As one of the busiest UK voice overs (or voice actors) I’ve recorded and produced thousands of projects since my first foray into voiceover in 1999. As a pro sound engineer I’ve also worked with hundreds of production companies all over the globe and now our studio in Cambridge UK is a leading voiceover recording service catering for all of the above and much more.

Corporate voiceover is the bread and butter for most voice actors. Even if we are working in other areas such as commercial, fiction narration or gaming, the foundations for most voices are the corporate video projects and the like.

Here’s an example of an explainer video for which I provided the fully produced voiceover:

You could argue that a typical explainer video utilising voiceover along with video content, stills, graphics and text, works as a ‘commercial that your audience chooses to watch’. You’ve got them. They are on your site or social channels and they are interested in your product or service. Unlike a commercial voiceover project, explainer videos give the opportunity to go into more detail about the benefits of the product or service.

Benefits of Corporate Voiceover

Let’s look at eLearning as a great example of how using a voiceover artist can bring the project to life and improve the desired impact upon the listener/watcher/student or employee.

Not all eLearning projects involve voice but if you are producing technical based modules they can be particularly effective.  I’ve recorded for thousands of elearning voiceover projects.


Using an informative tone, with good enunciation, a gentle and friendly voice can feel like the participant is being guided through the programme. This can lead to improved engagement and retention of information. New employees going through a health and safety module, for example, will likely take the information on board as with a combination of visuals (including animation), varying learning styles will be catered for.

You want your training videos to strike the right tone and so working with a voiceover specialist (as opposed to an AI voice!) will help with this, along with reinforcing your brand ethos and professionalism.

As a British voice actor, I have recorded eLearning and training videos for clients including Uber, PayPal, Microsoft, IBM, Unicef, Firestone, Accenture and hundreds more.

What is a Corporate Voiceover Artist?

Well, I am a corporate voiceover artist. I’m also a commercial voiceover artist, narrator and a fully qualified sound engineer running one of the UK’s top voiceover production studios.

Put simply, a corporate voiceover artist has the necessary experience in dealing with clients in fields such as eLearning, corporate video narration, internal communications, on hold messages and more. Often as the voiceover artist, I am working with a media production company who are producing the project on behalf of their client. If you are new to booking voice talent, you can find out more about how this works in my Step by Step Guide to Working with a Voiceover Artist.

So, most corporate voiceover artists will also be working in other areas such as commercial, gaming and narration. But, when you are searching for the right voice actor for your corporate videos, for example, make sure they have experience in this area. You can find this out easily as they should have examples on their voice acting website.

Tips for Choosing the Right Corporate Voiceover Artist

Well, you’re here and I’m guessing (I might be wrong) that you are looking for a voice over artist and maybe even specifically a British voice actor? I penned a guide to hiring a British voice over.

No matter what type of voice artist, language or accent, style or voice age, these days you also have to consider the recording quality on offer from your chosen voiceover artist. Many VOs have a home studio of sorts and whilst this can often work quite well for corporate work, there is no guarantee of quality.

You don’t want to waste time and money and you certainly want to avoid a recording of your script that has hisses, hums and other distracting background noise. That’s why our studio is a dedicated voiceover recording studio delivering the highest quality (including sync-to-picture) for brands across the globe. This quality is what you can expect from every single recording. All of my voiceover recording is delivered as a flawless final product at true broadcast quality. This means the audio is ‘ready to go’ and you can just seamlessly add it to your project, whether that’s for internal communications or explainer videos for your customers.

Oh and for you non-Brits, it’s worth checking out my piece on English voice actors OR British Voice Actors

Get an example of your corporate narration recorded before booking a voiceover artist.

GET IN TOUCH to find out more and get a free test recording of your script. For me, it’s essential to check we are the right fit and that I’m really the right voice for your project. I’ll record a short example and you can share it with your client before we go ahead with the session.

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