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UK voice over for commercials

Experienced British voice actor offering professional commercial voiceovers with a captivating British accent. Listen to my demos and get a quote today!

As a commercial voice over artist, I’ve recorded projects for a huge range of products and services in a 25-year career at the microphone.  From insurance and finance, through to tech and security, sports, leisure, events and experiences, my voice has helped to engage a worldwide audience.

From PayPal to Sony, Uber to Microsoft and many other top-name brands I’ve been the British voice over artist of choice, delivering in my captivating, resonant and professional voice.  

With a dedicated voiceover studio in Cambridge and easy access to London, I’m also ready to connect using any of your preferred tools including Source-Connect and SessionLinkPRO so you can listen in and direct the live session easily.

Hear My British Voice Over Demos

Listen to my range of British voice over demos and then please do get in touch to see how I can help you with your project today. You can explore video examples too.

Why Choose a British Accent for Your Commercials?

British accents consistently rank high in trustworthiness, sophistication, and intelligence.  A well-delivered British voiceover instantly lends an air of class and refinement to your brand. This sense of prestige creates a positive association in the listener’s mind, boosting your product or service’s perceived value.

Moreover, British accents offer a touch of the exotic to audiences outside the UK. This subtle distinction can make your commercial more memorable and help it stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re aiming for an image of luxury, a sense of authority, or simply want to add a unique and captivating touch to your advertisement, a British voiceover is a powerful tool. Consider the tone you want to evoke and find the perfect fit for your commercial project.

Pro Voice Actor Guy Michaels could be your UK voice over for commercials today!

Get a free test read

Whilst it’s useful to listen to the voice over demos throughout this site or watching the many videos showing my voice in context, nothing beats a custom audition or test read.

Drop me a line and an extract from your script if you have it at this stage.  Provide a little direction or reference an existing demo you’ve found here and then I’ll record a short custom audition read.

The right voice for your project.

You’ll be able to hear my voice performing your copy.  Then it will be easy to make a decision on whether or not I am the right voice for your project.  This is, of course, useful if you need sign-off from a client you are producing for.  Present my voice in your shortlist of British voiceovers today!


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We can connect via Source Connect, Cleanfeed, ipDTL, SessionLinkPRO, Facetime, Zoom, or even on the telephone!

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