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Guy Michaels, a voice actor hailing from the UK specialises in delivering quality corporate voiceovers. His genuine British accent adds a touch of professionalism and assurance to any project he takes on.

Whether you need a commanding voice for presentations or clear delivery for training videos I am the versatile voice actor you seek.  My extensive experience in the voiceover industry and media production have equipped me with an understanding of what sets voiceovers apart. I excel at providing captivating narration for brand videos, explainer videos, elearning courses, IVR systems and more.  I’m dedicated to ensuring excellence in every voiceover project.  My career began in corporate voice overs specifically in 1999.

Reasons to collaborate with me:

Seasoned Voice Artist:

With 25 years of experience under my belt I have a proven track record of creating voiceovers that resonate with audiences and can align seamlessly with your brand’s identity.

Adaptable British Accent:

I will customise my delivery to suit your needs offering a range of styles to choose from.

Effective Communication:

I believes that clear communication is essential for project success and work closely with clients as a part of the wider creative team.

State of the Art Studio Facilities:

You’re guaranteed crystal clear audio thanks to my fully equipped professional studio.

Feel free to check out my audio and video samples and then reach out to discuss how I can assist you!


As one of the industry’s experts in corporate voice overs, check out the piece I wrote recently about The Power of Corporate Voiceover

The different types of Corporate Voice Overs


In the business environment, where companies are always vying for attention, having a human voiceover artist can be a valuable asset. Now let’s explore the types of voiceovers and how they influence user engagement with a brand or product, in subtle and sometimes noticeable ways.

1 – Corporate Narration; The Informative Companion

Think about documentaries, resources on the internet or introductory videos for businesses. This type of narration aims for communication, professionalism and efficiently delivering information. A skilled narrator, in this setting explains details in a way that makes it easier for users to understand and remember the information.

2 – Tutorial Videos; Simplicity with Engagement

Tutorial videos break down products, services or ideas into parts. The narration, in these videos needs to be engaging and friendly. A talented voice artist can enhance these videos by holding the audiences attention while ensuring clarity. This helps improve user understanding and sparks interest in the information being conveyed. It also caters to learning preferences, which’s why many of us prefer video tutorials over lengthy written guides.

3 – Brand Stories; Establishing Emotional Bonds

These videos are designed to stir up feelings like trust, enthusiasm or a feeling of closeness. In this situation the narration serves as the personality of the brands. It can express expertise and motivation for a known company or kindness and approachability for a business that focuses on customers. The voice plays a role in forming a connection, with the viewers making the brand easier to remember and relate to.

4 – Educational Videos; Simplifying Learning

Educational videos are important for training employees and explaining software features. A good voiceover should be easy to understand, to the point and encouraging. It helps users follow along with tasks by simplifying information into steps. This method improves the learning experience making it more engaging and less frustrating.

5 – IVR. Call Waiting Messages; Setting the Tone

Although seemingly minor, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems and call waiting messages often serve as a customers first interaction with a business. A professional and reassuring voice, in this context conveys competence and builds trust. This contributes to enhancing the user experience and can positively shape customers overall perception of the company from day one.

NOTE: ‘Corporate voice overs’ does not mean dry and boring.  In fact, anything but!  I can help you with editing your copy and making sure that your project hits the mark!

Get a free test read

Whilst it’s useful to listen to the voice over demos throughout this site or watching the many videos showing my voice in context, nothing beats a custom audition or test read.

Drop me a line and an extract from your script if you have it at this stage.  Provide a little direction or reference an existing demo you’ve found here and then I’ll record a short custom audition read.

The right voice for your project.

You’ll be able to hear my voice performing your copy.  Then it will be easy to make a decision on whether or not I am the right voice for your project.  This is, of course, useful if you need sign-off from a client you are producing for.  Present my voice in your shortlist of British voiceovers today!


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