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Promoting others in business

‘There’s no such thing as a selfless act’

I love promoting others, it’s one of my favourite things in business. It’s not selfless as I get great satisfaction from passing a client to someone or knowing that someone will benefit from the great service I have experienced.

I’m not talking about promoting others just for the sake of it. You’ve got to be picky!

I’ve worked with hundreds of other freelancers in many capacities including designers, audio engineers, technical experts, media producers, marketing folk and of course loads of other voiceover artists. But to be honest, it’s rare that I feel I can go out of my way to promote them.


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In voiceover as an example, because the role now involves being a professional audio engineer, script editor, proof-reader (and many other skills) in addition to being the voice, I can’t simply recommend someone on the single strength of their vocal skill. I need to know and have experience that they are running their voiceover business at an expert level equal to mine. I know that there are many voiceover artists out there, my industry peers who are clearly delivering a great service with numerous satisified customers. But, personally, for the reasons explained, I need to really know them and be 100% certain that anyone whom I recommend them to, will be given the high level of service they expect.

Have you tried to find freelancers for your business needs?

Where do you look? You probably want to read some social proof before booking a service but it’s even better if you can get a personal recommendation.

When I find a brilliant freelancer in any field I want to selfishly hold to on them just for me and my business! I’ve employed many freelancers and have typically found them to be ‘ok’, ‘good enough’, ‘ropey’ or ‘simply fantastic diamond level!”.

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When I simply cannot promote

I had an awkward request a year or so ago. Someone who had attended a class I’d taught on voiceover skills and running a voiceover career had started their own coaching business. They had some experience as a professional voiceover and had taken on-board what I had taught them and absorbed as much as they could at that stage of their careers about the ins and outs of being a pro voice.

But, just a year into their career they then approached me to ask me to promote their coaching programme. Awkward. I’m sorry but this is not something I could possibly do. For a start, I was aware of their minimal experience and secondly I had no experience of being coached by them and no idea whether or not they had the skills to coach students.

Gaining knowledge and teaching it to others are very different things. Of course, I wish them the very best in their business and hope that they secure coaching clients that truly benefit. However, I could not ‘hand on heart’ promote them.

To promote others I need to know that the promotion will reflect well. Promoting others without this confidence can be a big mistake and come back to bite you!

Promoting others is self-promotional

Promoting others, when done carefully and in a considered way is one of the most powerful ways to promote your own business.  How can you promote others in the workplace?

The act is powerful. It gives off a strong positive signal. I promote others on LinkedIn every week. In voiceover specifically, if I am not a good fit for your project then I will very happily promote another voiceover artist (but only if have personal experience of their service!).

If you are working on a project and think I might be a fit then please drop me a line.  Find out more about my approach to work and industry insight:  The Voiceover Industry

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