What Do Voiceover Artists Do?

As one of the UK’s leading voiceover artists with experience in nearly every field of voiceover production, I’ve seen the industry change dramatically and unrecognisably in some ways. The fact is though that the primary role of voiceover artists remains the same. Let’s explore what this means!

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The range of skills voiceover artists need to survive and thrive has increased in recent years

What Responsibilities Do Voiceover Artists Have?

Voiceover artists go beyond providing voices; they are experienced professionals who use their distinct vocal abilities to influence how we perceive the world. From advertisements to engaging animations, they educate, entertain and breathe life into characters, showcasing the influential role of a voice actor. So what exactly does voiceover entail? It involves recording narrations or dialogues for a variety of media projects.

Primary Work Areas


When a brand aims to make an impression, a skilled voiceover artist can convey the perfect message with professional audio quality. Whether it’s a certain tone on the radio or vibrant energy in a TV commercial, voiceovers in advertising aim to be memorable.

Documentaries and Narration

Voiceover artists serve as the guiding voices behind content. Their composed and comforting narration enhances documentaries, historical pieces and even corporate training videos. I love my work as a British documentary narrator!

Animation and Video Games

Voiceover artists, acting as the unseen actors, animate characters with life and personality. Portraying heroes and villains and everything in-between in video games, these talented individuals must embody personalities, emotions and sometimes very odd sounds to create voices.

Audiobooks, eLearning Modules, Corporate Presentations

A captivating voice, especially that of a professional voice actor, has the power to transform written content into an experience.

There are of course other areas of voiceover work or voice acting, including audiobook narration – which is not an area I currently work in.

Key Skills

1. Vocal Clarity and Control It is essential for voiceover artists to have great articulation, precise pronunciation and the ability to emphasise and control their tone and pacing. They work on developing their voices as instruments.

2. Adaptability Successful voiceover artists can adjust their delivery style to fit the requirements of each project. They may switch from voicing an old wizard in a video game to portraying a cheerful parent in a breakfast cereal advertisement.

3. Interpretation Skills Understanding the message and emotions conveyed in the script is crucial for voiceover artists. They skillfully deliver lines that align with the intended purpose of informing, persuading or entertaining.

4. Technical Proficiency Many modern voiceover artists have experience recording in home studios and are familiar with editing software and hardware tools. I operate a class-leading dedicated voiceover recording studio for all of my work.

The Voiceover Process

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1. Script Preparation Effective voiceover work begins with an examination of the script. The artist identifies the tone, pace and specific character traits.

2. Recording Voice recordings can take place in a studio or increasingly commonly in a home recording setup. Voiceover artists may collaborate with directors for feedback and usually perform multiple takes.

In summary, the voiceover industry, teeming with voice actors and clients, is both competitive and extensive. Whether its the ads or the captivating bedtime stories narrated with entertaining voices voiceover artists play a significant role. These professionals leverage their skills to create an impact.

Although these artists may not be visible on screen their voices are unmistakable. They can be the salesperson, the informative narrator, the animated character brought to life or even the friendly voice on your favorite radio station.

Considering hiring a voiceover artist?

Here are some key points to think about:

Voice Style Are you looking for a casual tone or a powerful authoritative voice?
Experience Voiceover artists have specialties like commercials, explainer videos and e learning content.
Budget Quality is important when hiring a pro. Rates can vary based on experience. You might want to explore agencies or online platforms to find the match.

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