What does Neutral English Voiceover mean?

I started off my day in my studio very confused this morning.

I was contacted by a client asking if I only recorded as a British ‘English’ voiceover.

Here’s how the conversation went.

Client: Hi Guy, you just record as a British accent voiceover don’t you?

Me: Yes, that’s me.

Client: Oh ok, we are looking for a VO artist who does a neutral English accent

Me: Yes, that’s me.

In my head: You what?

Client: You do neutral English voiceover as well?

In my head: Eh?

Me: Erm…yes.

In my head: What’s happening? Who am I?

Here’s a recorded example of my neutral English voiceover sound:

Neutral English Voiceover – Guy Michaels

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I record voice overs in a neutral English accent daily. I don’t sound like I’m from anywhere in particular in the UK – perhaps the South of England and I can deliver full-on received pronunciation (RP) if required although to be honest RP only accounts for around 2% of the UK population and it can alienate an audience due to its suggestion of ‘upper-class’.

That’s right, those in the UK who are naturally RP are few and far between and it’s an accent that has fallen out of favour in recent times. I’m rarely called upon to deliver voiceover in RP but instead most of my work, especially for corporate videos could be described as a relaxed English voice with a neutral English accent.  English is my native language.

It’s worth noting that clear pronunciation does not require ‘received pronunciation’.  After all, someone speaking in American English or with a mid Atlantic accent can certainly have clear pronunciation.

What is neutral english voiceover?

In our interconnected world today, clear communication, with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures is crucial for businesses and individuals. This has given rise to the popularity of voiceovers as a means of conveying information to an audience. However the presence of accents and cultural nuances can pose challenges for native speakers and those from different regions in comprehending the intended message.

Is neutral English real?

“Neutral English Voiceover” refers to a style of voice acting that strives to eliminate any cultural inflections. It involves delivering information in a concise manner that can be easily understood by individuals from around the globe. This particular voiceover style finds application in educational videos, e-learning courses and other materials where the primary objective is to provide information in an unambiguous manner.

Why does Neutral English Voiceover hold significance?

The importance of Neutral English Voiceover lies in its ability to facilitate comprehension among audiences. By avoiding cultural intonations voice actors enable native speakers and individuals from various regions to better understand the conveyed information. This helps prevent misunderstandings, misinterpretations and promotes engagement with the content, at hand.

A great way to overcome language barriers and ensure communication, with an audience is by using a clear and concise delivery style in neutral English accent voiceovers. This approach allows people from linguistic backgrounds to understand and receive the intended message easily.

When searching for the English accent voice actors for your project it’s crucial to find professionals who are experienced in this specific style of voice acting. Look for actors who have a portfolio that includes videos, educational content, e learning courses and other materials that require clear and concise delivery.

In the UK regional accents are very popular for some areas of voice over these days.  However, in formal settings, neutral English accents are probably more commonly used over regional accents.

Choosing a neutral English voice actor

While selecting a voice actor, consider factors such as tone, pacing and accent. Although the aim is to avoid regional intonations in English voiceovers the natural accent and tone of the actor can still influence the overall delivery. Collaborate closely with your chosen voice actor to ensure their style aligns perfectly, with your projects objectives.

Availability is another factor to consider when choosing a voice actor for your project. Make sure they are available to record the voiceover within your desired timeframe.

Reasons to Collaborate with English Voice Actors

There are advantages, to collaborating with skilled English voice actors, including;

  • Clarity and conciseness; Skilled voice actors possess the ability to communicate content clearly and concisely ensuring easy comprehension for all.
  • Global appeal; Neutral English voiceovers have an appeal making them comprehensible for individuals from regions and cultures.
  • Professionalism; Seasoned voice actors are professionals who comprehend the demands of the job and can deliver top notch results.
  • Time efficiency; Partnering with voice actors can save you time and effort as they excel at delivering efficient voiceovers.

In Conclusion

Neutral English voiceovers play a role in types of content especially those targeting a global audience. By collaborating with voice actors you can guarantee that your content is presented in a clear and concise manner that resonates with everyone. Take the time to find the voice actor, for your project and relish the benefits of professional and effective communication.

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